The Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

So what is a reverse osmosis filter:

A reverse osmosis uses the science based on osmosis but as stated in reverse, what is the idea behind this. It creates an ideal pressurized environment for particulates to pass through a filter once overcoming osmotic pressure. The goal is a more purified water with particulates and bacteria taken to waste.

Where is a reverse osmosis filter used:

This can water can be used in many different systems from laboratory's to cleaning applications. It is used in labs as it is a cheaper way to produce purified water than distilling the water. Whereas in cleaning applications like window cleaning it stops the production of streaks due to there being no deposit made on the windows. Domestically it can be used as cleaning and drinking water (not always, i will go into this more).

Why would I want a reverse osmosis filter:

It is nice to have a purified water tap in your house but I would just use this for cleaning purposes, purchase a filtered water tap instead. The reason behind this is down to the reverse osmosis process, the idea of this is to remove as much out of the water as possible and tap water contains some good within it that R.O. does not, as an example tap water contains calcium which is removed during the R.O. treatment process.

Is drinking reverse osmosis water bad for me:

In the short term, no, however if you are planning on only drinking reverse osmosis water this can be bad for your health due to the lack of minerals that are provided from tap/filtered water.

So should I own a reverse osmosis filter:

Domestically, it is a resounding no, go and get yourself a filter tap, unless it is for cleaning or laboratory equipment.

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